Mission & Vision

Worship. Serve. Connect.

The Mission

The mission of Cleveland's First Baptist Church is to connect people to Jesus and our family, regardless of circumstance.
(The key idea is connection. We will be a church of connected people regularly building new connections with people.)

The Vision

10 Year Vision:

Our community has many difficult challenges. Cleveland is troubled by poverty, crime, and homelessness. We know the heartache of broken families. A massive influx of people from other nations has led some to choose fear and prejudice instead of love and acceptance. Countless people around us are untouched by any gospel witness. Many are living unconnected and alone. There is an epidemic of loneliness in Cleveland.

But God has a solution to all of these challenges, and it begins by connecting the people of our community to Jesus our Savior and to His church family, regardless of circumstance or challenge.

By 2031:

We envision a day when our church regularly hears stories of transformation and a week never passes without someone being baptized.

We will saturate all within the city limits of Cleveland with passionate prayer which will produce loving service, genuine relationships, and gospel conversations we will prayer-walk every home in our area of influence.

We will see a growing number of prayer champions who are discovering fresh intimacy with God, embracing new power from God, growing in the character of Christ, and exhibiting genuine passion for the lost.

We will be a church where each of us is engaged in the lives of our neighbors with the intention of making disciples who make disciples.

Over the next 10 years the people of Cleveland's First Baptist Church will have 5000 gospel conversations.

We will connect people with one another for mentoring, encouragement, support, healing, and spiritual growth. Children from broken homes will be connected with loving adults and families. Single parents will make connections with people who understand the struggles they face. Couples will be connected with each other to strengthen marriages. Seasoned believers will mentor younger pilgrims to see them take on leadership roles in the kingdom of God. True friendships will be made in small groups and among individuals. Countless conversations will take place in kitchens and coffee shops.

No one will walk alone.

Our church will be filled with people of every nationality, language, and socioeconomic status. We will have home groups meeting all over Cleveland and the surrounding area. We will have the resources to remodel or rebuild or expand our aging facility. We will have children filling our church with laughter. We will have students filling our church with the sound of their praise. We will have an intentional ministry to the elderly and those who are confined to their homes.

By 2031, we will be known as the church that loves those who are hurting, broken, and "different." Local leaders will call on us to partner with them in meeting the needs of people. Even those who don't yet know Christ will see the value we bring to our city.

But most of all, people will know that Jesus and FBC love them.