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    The Right Attitude of a Servant Church - October 8, 2017



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    FBCC welcomes Dr. Tommy and Crystie Ham

    The family of First Baptist Church is so very pleased to announce Dr. Tommy Ham as our new Senior Pastor.  Tommy and his wife Crystie will be relocating to Cleveland from …

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    Once Upon a Time

    There was no question he loved her. He was absolutely bedazzled by her.  It was surprising, really, because she was quite plain.  But then, he himself was a poor man who …

    Our Cleft in the Rock

    “Rock of ages, cleft for me, let me hide myself in thee…”   What a powerful message in these few words! When we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ with all our hearts and e …

    Modeling the Gospel

    As we continue our study in Philippians today, in Chapter 2 Paul describes the way that believers are to interact with each other. This story is a good example.   Pa …

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